Renting Bucklebury Memorial Hall

The sections below should give you all the information you need to find an empty slot, decide which room you want and book the hall.
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The Main Hall transparent

The mail hall has a floor area (excluding the stage) about 10m x 8m and can take 160 guests for a party
98 seated as an audience in rows
or 88 seated at tables for a reception (see Terms and Conditions)
It has a stage which, apart from its original purpose can be used for an entertainer, a band or a disco.
There are sufficient rectangular tables to seat 88 using our layout. There are also 8 round tables though less can be seated using the round tables
There are 98 chairs and clips to join them together for layout in rows

There is a fully fitted kitchen with cooker, professional warming cabinet, microwave, boiling water tap, a substantial amount of crockery and cutlery. But note that we do not supply washing up liquid or cloths, you will need to bring your own.
There are 100 chairs and both round and rectangular tables. Round tables are more suitable for sitting and eating but the Hall seats more using the rectangular tables.
The hall is accessible to wheelchair users and has a loop system for the hard of hearing
It is therefore an ideal venue for

Oak Room transparent

This self contained annexe is about 9m x 6m in size and has a sprung floor covered in dance grade vinyl.
There are 10 rectangular tables and 40 chairs
It has its own kitchinette where drinks and snacks can be prepared and some food reheated
There is a large kettle, about 40 mugs and some other crockery
It has its own toilets
It is suitable for a variety of activities including

The Committee Room transparent
the Committee Room

This is suitable for meetings of up to 20 people and is an ideal venue for

It is available in termtime during the week after 4.00pm. At weekends it is generally not available as the hall is mostly used for parties and activities requiring both the Main Hall and Committe Room.

Rates transparent
Hall Parishioner others
Day Rate £ 8.80 £11.30
Week Ends £ 11.00 £13.20
Evening Rate £ 18.15 £24.20
Oak Room Parishioner others
Day Rate £ 7.70 £10.30
Week Ends £ 9.90 £11.00
Evening Rate £ 13.20 £17.60
Ctee Room Parishioner others
£ 4.60 £6.35
Extra Charges
Skittles £ 29.15 £29.15
Bar £ 17.90 £22.85

Plus an Environmental Service charge for all hires involving food or drink (e.g. parties) £5.50

Day Rate Applies Monday to Saturday Lunchtime so evenings during the week are at this reduced rate
Week Ends Run from Saturday lunchtime until Sunday evening but hours after 6.00pm are at the evening rate
Users hiring the Main Hall for a party or event have the use of the committee room which is therefore generally not available as a separate hire at the weekend.

Availability transparent

When do you want the hall

diary detail
Booking form transparent
First name:
Last name:
Hire Date::
From (time): :
To (time):
No later than midnight
Venue Required:
AV Equipment (Oak Room only)
Are you selling tickets or alcohol>
Your Address:
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Phone Number:

Fields in red must be completed

If we accept your booking it will appear on the hall diary. Sending the form confirms that you agree to this.

You are required to clean the hall after use. This includes sweeping the floors and washing up all crockery and cutlery used. You need to allow time for this, and for setting up the hall, in your booking

Note that the Hall has a different policy regarding regular bookers and those who book a one off event. Our regular bookers frequently book back to back with no clear up or set up time. One person sets up while the other is clearing up and the amount of clearing or setting up is minimal. If you wish to book after a regular booking I will generally leave a gap of 15 minutes to ensure the other has finished and there are no issues.

If you have a request not covered by this form (eg you want a regular slot or have difficulty with the form) please send me an Email by following This Link If you had a problem with the form please let me know.

Paying for your hire Payment should be by cheque please. If you pay by bacs I have to get my treasurer to check you have paid and let me know. But that would still leave the indemnity deposit. If you pay that by bacs I then have to raise a cheque to pay it back. I could conceivably set up a credit card system but repaying the indemnity deposit would still be quite complicated, and the committee runs this hall on a voluntary basis so I apply the KISS principle where possible

Bouncy Castles transparent

I am sometimes asked if we allow Bouncy Castles.

When you hire the Hall it is your responsibility to ensure that there is no physical damage to the Hall. The Main Hall has a wooden floor that is maintained at considerable cost in order to look attractive and be practical.

The Hall measures 10m x 8m so it is possible to fit a small bouncy castle in the Hall. The spotlights hanging from the ceiling are 3m from the floor so the castle should be no taller than that. A larger castle suitable for children over 5 or 6 would need to be sited outside.

But bouncy castles are secured to heavy weights and blown up by electric fans. Both the weights and the fan could easily damage the floor if not protected. Moving the castle through the doors is also a potential risk.

It is your responsability to ensure that no damage takes place.

Any damage must be paid for.

Fireworks transparent

I am sometimes asked if we allow Fireworks. The simple answer is no. The Hall is in close proximity to a number of houses, the neighbours already have to put up with a certain amount of noise, music from the hall, people talking in the car park and cars coming and going and it is not fair to submit them to the noise of fireworks

If you let off fireworks and someone complains I will withhold your indemnity deposit