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Oak Room Heating

I think some users are, understandably, confused by the Oak Room Heating.

The heating is controlled by the thermostat on the wall which sets the desired room temperature. The programmer is set to change the temperature 6 times on each of the 7 days. In general it is set to 10 deg C when the room is not in use and to 19 deg C one hour before the room is expected to be used. It is also controlled by the fans on the convector radiators. These fans come on when there is hot water going through them irrespective of the wall thermostat. So after the heating starts up they take 5 mins or so to come on and similarly 5 mins or so to go off when the boiler stops.

User controls

The only control you should be adjusting if the heating is not on is the wall thermostat. (ie if I’ve not programmed your session)

The type is rather small, but in the top right of the display is the thermostat target temperature. (10 Deg C in this case) If it is too low pressing the increase button increases it by 0.5 for each press. This will only apply until the end of the current programme period. So if yours is a regular session, I must have not set the times correctly. Please let me know. Also check if the time is correct and if the Day Of Week is too (1=Monday)
But remember that the fans will only come on when the hot water reaches the radiators.
Fan Controls This is the normal display on the fans. It shows the current room temperature as measured by the convectors. If the heating is on this may well not be accurate. But this photo was with the heating off and the room was cool.
It is possible that someone has tuned the fan wall switch off – no display. Turn it back on.
Or turned the fans off. Resulting in this display ‘oo’ In this case you need to press the on-off button
If you press the + button the radiator displays the radiator target temperature. This is not the room temp. I usually set it to 23 Deg C. Increasing this doesn’t change the room temperature. If you press the + button multiple times it will go up to 35
Further presses turns the fan on permanently F1,F2,F3. So it runs whether the water is hot or not. Please do not set the fans permanently on. They will run 24 hours a day until I turn them off