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Proposed Improvements

It is unlikely the hall can do all of these because of cost constraints. If you have a view please let us know.

Improved Toilets in the main hall
. Our main hall toilets are in need of refurbishment. Not only are they very dated and not attractive but the old cisterns are not efficient and cause problems.
We would like to renovate the toilets in the main hall installing modern cubicles like these (though probably not in orange)

Installation of Industrial Dishwasher
kitchen A user has suggested we should install an industrial dishwasher. It could fit under the counter in this cupboard. In case you don't know about these machines. An industrial dishwasher has a cycle of less than 5 minutes. However it does not dry the dishes. You need multiple baskets and at the end of the cycle you take the basket with dishes out of the machine and let the dishes dry in the air. I think that baskets for cups and saucers are different from those for plates. So we would need to store the baskets somewhere. The machine has dish washing liquid and rinse aid in reservoirs so the user doesn't need to put powder in though reserves of these liquids need to be kept somewhere and someone needs to fill the machine.
The machine is not suitable for glasses or plastic items.
The contents of this cupboard could be stored elsewhere. The hall only needs one washing up bowl and one dustpan and these can go under the sink. The other stuff is Pre School and can go in their store.
If you have done catering in the hall you may think this a good idea.

Replace Main Hall Chairs with more comfortable ones.
A user has suggested that the blue folding chairs are not very comfortable for long periods of sitting. However they are very light and easy to put out or stack. We currently have 67 of the blue folding chairs and 23 green or blue stacking chairs. All the blue chairs are in the chair store so easily accessible. The stacking chairs are more comfortable as are the chairs in the Oak Room. Although there are other makes the Oak Room chairs are Gopak and about £40 each. The Oak Room trolleys (which even some regular users find impossible to stack) are about 1700mm long so would not fit in the main hall chair store. The space available for chairs in that store is 1600mm x 1000mm. Gopak do hanging racks but the smallest one holds 36 chairs and is 1250x1350.
The non-folding chairs are in 4 stacks in the new store. You could stack similar chairs about 10 high, so we could purchase 20 stacking chairs and keep them there. If we did that we would need to dispose of some of the blue chairs as the max chair count in the hall is 98. You could even have two more chair stacks in the store, so totalling 60. But having a substantial number of our chairs in the store room beyond the committe room might be a serious inconvenience.
Another alternative might be to get some cushions for our existing chairs. There is room in the chair store for a stack of cushions.

Larger Cooking utensils.
A user has suggested we purchase one or more 9 litre cooking pans. The cost of larger saucepans is not so much an issue as finding space to put them if they are rarely used. There are several saucepans and one of them is quite large. A 9 litre saucepan is 30x24cm so would more or less fill a single cupboard. Have you done large scale catering in the hall and has this been a problem.

Please let us know if you have view on any of these mikescholl@btinternet.com