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Bucklebury Memorial Hall

Customer Complaints Procedure

Bucklebury Memorial Hall responds to all complaints and ensures that they are managed efficiently and courteously and as quickly as possible. If the reply is to be dealt with swiftly, it is important that full details are given. Anonymous complaints cannot be processed.
  1. Complaints against the Hall: In the event of an individual being dissatisfied with the service being offered by the Hall or a decision made in respect of a hire, the complaint should be detailed in writing to the Chairman. He will log and acknowledge the complaint and will reply to the complainant within 28 days.
  2. Complaints against an officer of Bucklebury Memorial Hall:
    Any user wishing to complain about the conduct of an officer should do so through the Finance and General Purpose Committee of the Hall. They should telephone, write or email one of the members of this committee but if by phone the complaint needs to be confirmed in writing.
    On receipt of the written complaint, the Committee member will log and acknowledge it within 7 working days and forward it to the Committee.
  3. If the user is unable to obtain a satisfactory response he can bring his complaint to the attention of the Hall Trustees by coming to one of the regular Trustee meetings details of which are on the Hall website. These meetings are open to all users and parishioners.
  4. If this higher appeal does not produce a satisfactory result the user can approach the Charity Commissioners.