Bucklebury Memorial Hall Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Hazards identified Control measures Extra measures needed Person responsible
Capacity Headcount must not exceed government guidelines. And social distancing to be observed. Inform users that they need to comply with government guidelinesUsers
Access / egress Encourage users to use hand sanitiser and wash handsHand sanitiser in entrances Soap and paper towels in kitchen & toilets MS
Meals/Snacks Any food and drink to be brought into the hall ready prepared by users. No use of hall mugs and crockery. No more than 3 people permitted to be in the kitchen at any one time All rubbish and waste should be put in the outside bins and not left in the hall Users
Hygiene Users need to ensure hall is cleaned after use. Mop down floors with disinfectant if users have been touching the floor (eg exercise classes). Clean surfaces likely to have been touched eg door handles, taps, flush buttons Tables and chairs should be cleaned before and after use.
This will require a gap between all hires
Spray cleaner available Mops with bleach in halls Install liquid soap dispensers in Oak RoomUsers
Airborne virus spread by air hand dryersPaper towels . Soap and warm water available. Hand driers out of use.Remove fuses from hand driers Install paper towel dispensers
Fire In the event of an unplanned evacuation, fire safety must take priority over social distancing. All
When social distancing (2m) cannot be applied Minimise the frequency and time you are within two metres of each other. Minimise the number of people involved. Work side by side, or facing away from each other, rather than face to face. Users
Visitors No tennis players to use ladies or disabled loos Others to use disabled as gents/disabled. Gents loo locked from-to hall (ie access from outside only) Tennis
NHS Test and Trace (collecting attendee data) All users should keep records of everyone attending each session. These records must be made available to the Track & Trace team if requestedUsers