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Regular Bookings

If you are interested in making a regular booking for a slot every week either during termtime or throughout the year you may find this page useful.
This allows you to see if a slot that interests you has bookings already. If there is just the occasional booking at the time you want there is a good chance the slot is available. If there are lots of bookings extending into the future it probably is not
You can see a table of regular bookings here
In general we keep Saturday afternoons and all day Sunday free for parties and social events

If you hire the Hall on a regular basis you may be eligable for a significantly reduced rate. Please email MikeScholl@btinternet.com letting me know your requirements

Enter slot details

Day of the week

From (time): To (time):

Showing clashes from 02/01/19 to 14/12/20 Historic bookings are in grey

HallWBBS18/10/2009:0017:00:00Wiz Tech & Dress
HallWBBS01/12/1909:3016:30:00examsTerm 2
HallGemma Cooper18/08/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper11/08/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper04/08/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper28/07/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper21/07/1909:0010:00:00Term 6
HallGemma Cooper14/07/1909:0010:00:00Term 6
HallGemma Cooper07/07/1909:0010:00:00Term 6
HallGemma Cooper30/06/1909:0010:00:00Term 6
HallGemma Cooper23/06/1909:0010:00:00Term 6
HallGemma Cooper16/06/1909:0010:00:00Term 6
HallGemma Cooper09/06/1909:0010:00:00Term 6
HallGemma Cooper02/06/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper26/05/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper19/05/1909:0010:00:00Term 5
HallGemma Cooper12/05/1909:0010:00:00Term 5
HallGemma Cooper05/05/1909:0010:00:00Term 5
HallGemma Cooper28/04/1909:0010:00:00Term 5
HallGemma Cooper14/04/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper07/04/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper31/03/1909:0010:00:00Term 4
HallGemma Cooper24/03/1909:0010:00:00Term 4
HallGemma Cooper17/03/1909:0010:00:00Term 4
HallGemma Cooper10/03/1909:0010:00:00Term 4
HallGemma Cooper03/03/1909:0010:00:00Term 4
HallGemma Cooper24/02/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper17/02/1909:0010:00:00
HallGemma Cooper10/02/1909:0010:00:00Term 3
HallGemma Cooper03/02/1909:0010:00:00Term 3
HallGemma Cooper27/01/1909:0010:00:00Term 3
HallGemma Cooper20/01/1909:0010:00:00Term 3
HallGemma Cooper13/01/1909:0010:00:00Term 3