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AV Equipment (Oak Room only)
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Please read booking conditions

If we accept your booking it will appear on the Hall diary. Sending this form confirms that you agree to this

You are required to clean the hall after use. This includes sweeping the floors and washing up all crockery and cutlery used. You need to allow time for this, and for setting up the hall, in your booking

Note that the Hall has a different policy regarding regular bookers and those who book a one off event. Our regular bookers frequently book back to back with no clear up or set up time. One person sets up while the other is clearing up and the amount of clearing or setting up is minimal. If you wish to book after a regular booking I will generally leave a gap of 15 minutes to ensure the other has finished and there are no issues.

If you have a request not covered by this form (eg you want a regular slot or have difficulty with the form) please send me an Email by following This Link If you had a problem with the form please let me know.

Paying for your hire Payment should be by cheque please. If you pay by bacs I have to get my treasurer to check you have paid and let me know. But that would still leave the indemnity deposit. If you pay that by bacs I then have to raise a cheque to pay it back.I could conceivably set up a credit card system but repaying the indemnity deposit would still be quite complicated, and the committee runs this hall on a voluntary basis so I apply the KISS principle where possible